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Link the product number to your personal account

All our products have our own serial number, which is clear on the box or printed on the unit
Your Email registered with us when placing the order

You will first need to add the product to your account before obtaining the support service for the products. In order to do this, you will need to put the product serial number and the email registered with us when placing the order., this device will appear in the “My Devices” tab

Technical support provides a typical service for each device with its serial number. It also provides beginners guide services for each device and manuals.
It is the number that contains 12 numbers without letters, symbols or spaces printed on the box as well as printed on the unit
We want our registered mail when placing your purchase order
No. Only the first time we will need to link the device’s serial number to your account. To do that, we ask you to enter it for the first time only from entering, and after this step the system will ask you to choose your unique password.